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Aleksandras Ziselis
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The Children

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The Bank

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The Grandchildren

The Great Grandchildren

LitaLita-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-The Great Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---הנינים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ

The 21 Great Grandchildren


Alexander (Dida) And Ester Macht :

Sara (Lala)'s

grandchildrens :

LitaLita-Sara-The Great Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---שרה-הנינים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ


Alexander Ali




Rivka (Riva)'s

grandhildrens :

LitaLita-Riva-The Great Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---ריבה-הנינים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ











Yaakov (Yasha)'s

grandhildrens :

LitaLita-Yaakov-The Great Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---יעקב-הנינים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ



Tali Ester




The Great Grandchildren

Alexander Zisel ( Ziskind ) Macht
retired from The Industrial Bank
after more than a quarter of a century
in 1962 as he turned 70 years old.
He could now see his 8 grand children
more frequently of course.

He could also visit the chess Olympiad
that was taking place in 1964
in his now home town of Tel Aviv
several decades after he himself took part
in an Olympiad representing Lithuania.

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In 1968 a new generation emerged.
The first great grandchild
of Ester and Alexander's was born.
It was Yaakov's first grandchild.

In 1969 Riva's first grandchild
was born and a few years later
Sara's first grandchild was born.
In all 21 great grandchildren
were born to Ester and Alexander.
Two of them are named after
their great grandparents.
You can see all of the names on the left.

In 1971 there was a new addition
to the extended family in Tel Aviv
when Alexander's young brother Yaakov
together with his daughter Zipora
and her husband Avraham Krechmer
and son Yochanan with his young family
were allowed to leave Soviet Lithuania
after many years they had been denied.

Alexander Zisel Macht
passed away in Tel Aviv
just after turning 80 years of age
on Jan. 14 1973.
The very same day
that Riva and Yaakov
were about to celebrate their 54th birthday.

Ester moved soon after
to live with her daughter Riva
whose husband Moshe passed away
unexpectedly in 1971 aged only 62
at her flat on 14 Adam Hachoen St.
on the third floor.
In Dec. 1979 a memorable party
was held there to celebrate
Ester's ( Esterly ) 85 birthday.
All family members were present.

Ester Macht passed away
on 15 Apr. 1981 aged 87.
She was laid to rest
alongside her late husband.

In Jan. 1989 a lavish party
was held to celebrate together
the 70 birthday of Riva and Yaakov.
It was the last occasion in which
all family members of the extended family
who were located in Israel took part

Yaakov was now himself a bank manager
at the headquarters of bank "Leumi".
He was also a senior member .
of the Hebrew university honorary board.
He passed away in 1996 aged 77.
Soon after that his wife Hadara.
moved into an old people's home.
Riva soon followed suit.
Later on also Sara and Moshe
decided to move in there as well.
In 1998 veteran actress Yael Druyanov
the first grandchild of her generation
passed away suddenly at 59 years of age.

After a gap of many years
all members of the extended family
could meet each other on a weekly basis.
while visiting the elderly.

In Jan 1999 a party was held there
to celebrate Riva's 80'th birthday.
In 2001 the extended family.
celebrated Sara's 85'th birthday
and in 2002 it was Moshe's party
when he reached 90 years of age.

Rivka ( Riva ) passed away in 2004
She was laid to rest
the very same day she turned 85.
Sara passed away the following year
aged 89 and about a year later
her husband Moshe died aged 94.

Hadara was about to celebrate
her 90'th birthday later on in 2009.
She as well as her cousin in law Zipora
were now the only remaining members
of the now first generation
when the trip to Lithuania took place.

It was Riva's first child Miriam ( Nini )
who initiated the trip to Lithuania.
She was determined to make it real.
She was assisted on the task
by her husband Yehuda Dotan.
The organiser of the journey to TAL.

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They were joined by their children,
by Miriam's sister Hanni
and by Miriam's cousins
Mira , Ella and Orit and her daughters.

A delegation of 12 people
was ready in the summer of 2009
to hit the road "back"
to the independent Republic of Lithuania.

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