- A Week In Lithuania - Aug. 2009

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Aleksandras Ziselis
Ester Ente

The Children

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Standing from left to right :

Sara (Lala), Yaakov (Yasha), Ester and Rivka (Riva).

The Children

Ester Ente and Aleksandras Ziselis
were married in Kaunas.
Their first child was born in 1915.
His name was Isaak.
As the first world war went on
the Russian authorities
ordered all of the Jews
to leave the city of Kaunas.
They had to run away.
After a while they settled
in what is now eastern Ukraine.

A second child was born in 1916.
Her name was Sara ( nicknamed Lala ).
And on 14 Jan. 1919
within a few hours between them
Rivka and Yaakov were born.
( nicknamed Riva and Yasha )

In 1921 the entire family
returned to what was now
The first Republic of Lithuania.
They moved into a flat in Kaunas
on 21 Gedimino Gatve.
Just a few minutes walk
from the house of Lea Machtas
Right in the city centre.

In 1932 a tragedy occurred.
Isaak was drawn in the river
while on vacation with his friends.
He was laid to rest in Kaunas.
It was a shock to all family members.
Nothing was going to be the same again.

However the remaninig children
went to the Hebrew high school.
The "Schwabbe Gymnasium" in Kaunas.
Rivka and Yaakov became keen members
of the socialist-Zionist youth movement
"Hashomer Ha-Tsair" - The young Guard. Lietuva- Machtas - Lithuania - Macht - kaunas - Vilnius - Summer ליטא-ליטא  - טיול שורשים לליטא  - קובנה - וילנה  - קיץ  2009