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Aleksandras Ziselis
Ester Ente

The Children

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The Bank

Tel Aviv

The Grandchildren

The Great Grandchildren

LitaLita-The Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---הנכדים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ

The 8 Grandchildren


Alexander (Dida) And Ester Macht :

Sara (Lala)'s

childrens :

LitaLita-Sara-The Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---שרה-הנכדים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ



Rivka (Riva)'s

childrens :

LitaLita-Riva-The Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---ריבה-הנכדים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ

Miriam Nini



Yaakov (Yasha)'s

childrens :

LitaLita-Yaakov-The Grandchildren-Tel Aviv-Aleksander-Esther-Macht-Lithuania-kaunas-Vilnius-Summer-2009---יעקב-הנכדים-אלכסנדר ואסתר מאכט-משפחת מאכט-תל אביב-ליטא-טיול שורשים  לליטא -קובנה -וילנה -קיץ



Ella Lea

The Grandchildren

The first wedding in Tel Aviv
of a member of the second generation
took place when Sara (nicknamed Lala)
married her boyfriend Jonathan.
Son of the famous Jewish writer
Avraham Aba Asher Alter Druyanov.

In 1939 a new generation emerged
as the very first grandchild
of Alexander and Ester was born.
She was given the name Yael.
Later on she would become an actress
of the "Habima" national theatre.
Her younger brother is called Avraham.
Named after the famous Writer (nicknamed Rami).
Years after they were born
Sara (Lala) would marry Moshe Pachter
who was born in 3 years old Tel Aviv.

Yaakov (Yasha) married Lea.
both of them founding members
of kibbuts "Negba" in the Negev.
Their daughter Mira was born in 1941.
The second grandchild of the family.
She was named after Ester's mother.
Yaakov went on to study Economics
and would work at the Ministry of Finance.
Years later he would marry Hadara
who also came from Lithuania.

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Their two daughters were born then.
Orit and Ela Lea.
The latter was named
after Alexander's mother Lea.

Rivka (Riva) started working
as a clerk in the "Industrial Bank".
She worked side by side
with another young clerk.
His name was Alexander
Just like her father who was also
the manager of the bank.
She left the bank when she got married.
He went on working in the bank
for many many years to come.
Years later the young clerk would become
arguably the greatest Israeli composer ever.
Alexander Sasha Argov.

Rivka (Riva) married Moshe Miller.
A young Lawyer who came from Lvov.

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The wedding took place On 8.8.41.
Exactly 68 years before
Riva's daughters and grandchildren
would visit her house in Kaunas.

The first child of the newly wed
was born in Tel Aviv in 1942.
The third grandchild of Ester and Alexander.
She was named Miriam after Ester's mother.
Everyone though would call her Nini.
Her sister Hanni was born soon after
She was named after Moshe's grandmother.
Then came their younger brother Yossi.
The long awaited boy of the young family
was named after his other grandfather.
Their family name would later change
from Miller to the Hebrew one Mullor.

The Macht house was always full.
Some of the grandchildren also lived there.
The dog Nig was also a frequent visitor.
The grandchildren would introduce a new nickname
for their grandfather Alexander - "Dida".
The extended family met each other
on a regular basis and of course
celebrated all festivities together. Lietuva- Machtas - Lithuania - Macht - kaunas - Vilnius - Summer ליטא-ליטא  - טיול שורשים לליטא  - קובנה - וילנה  - קיץ  2009