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LitaLita - The Name

2009 - The Year

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The name LitaLita-In Hebrew Lita is Lithuania like Litas-Visit past and present-The colours of the Lithuanian flag are red,green and yellow-השם ליטא-צבעי הדגל של ליטא

The word "Lita" in Hebrew.

The equivalent of "Lithuania" in English.

The equivalent of "Lietuva" in Lithuanian.

Written in the ancient Hebrew letters.

The same ones used today in modern Hebrew !

Written of course from right to left ...

LitaLita - The Name

The domain name of this very site
was chosen to reflect
the visit to Lithuania
in the summer of 2009.

"Lita" is the Hebrew version
of the word "Lithuania" in English.
It is pronounced just like
the Lithuanian currency - "Litas".

The reason for the double L.
( apart from the obvious one
that was unavailable ... )
is much more than a technical one.

The visit was of course
to a present day "Lithuania"
But it was also a visit
back to "Lithuania" of the past.

for more on that click here

It was a visit to a christian land.
It was of course also a visit
to a large Jewish community
in many many years gone by.

So all in all the "double" name
is a reflection of the visit.
A visit to a certain kind of "Lita"
while visiting "Lita" of a different kind.

The colours of this website :
red , green and yellow
were chosen of course
as a gesture of appreciation
to the quite young
second independent
Republic of Lithuania
and its national flag.

for more on that click here Lietuva- Machtas - Lithuania - Macht - kaunas - Vilnius - Summer ליטא-ליטא  - טיול שורשים לליטא  - קובנה - וילנה  - קיץ  2009