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Language-Lithuanian-Hindo-European-official European Union-Latin alphabet-32 letters-  
השפה-ליטאית-הינדו אירופית-אותיות לטיניות-תחביר-סנסקריט,לטינית,יוונית,רוסית,אנגלית The Language

Lithuanian is a very ancient language.
It belong to the Hindo-European group.
One of the most conservative
of the aforementioned group of languages.
In fact it has almost stayed the same
as it was thousands of years ago.
Lithuanian is now one of the.
official languages of the European Union.

Lithuanian uses the Latin alphabet.
It has though a few more letters
that are not in use in the English language.
(just like the Scandinavian languages for example)
On the other hand the letters : Q,w,X
are not used in the Lithuanian language.
There are 32 letters in the Lithuanian alphabet.

The Lithuanian language can be read easily aloud
as each letter is pronounced as it is written
(just like in Spanish and unlike English).
Various dialects are used around the country.
The vocabulary of the language includes many words
which derive from very old languages
such as Sanskrit,Latin and ancient Greek
As the Russian influence was enormous
in Lithuania's recent history for many years
some Russian words have been borrowed.
In recent years also English words can be found.

The Lithuanian grammar is quite complex.
It uses seven cases as well as five declension types.
There are many possible endings for nouns
as they are also either feminine or masculine.
The verbs are formed according to tense and person
The adjectives are formed by gender,case and number.
You are invited to learn a bit more
about the Lithuanian language if you like.

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